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Sunshine Music House's Creed

At Sunshine Music House, we believe that learning to play an instrument not only teaches children to appreciate and perform music, but also provides determination, teamwork building, positive work ethic, and constructive study habits.

Being involved in a musical ensemble can help children to have more social attitudes and gain friendship with others in the group.

By donating or becoming involved with Sunshine Music House, you are helping children engage in a positive, constructive, and enjoyable activity that they will be able to take with them for their entire lives!

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Music is enjoyed by individuals of all ages, and the performance of music has been held to a high standard for hundreds of years.

Learning and practicing musical arts takes dedication, hard work, talent, and unfortunately for many, money. Sunshine Music House was formed with the goal of providing musical instruments to children who are interested in learning but do not have the means of purchasing their own instruments.