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About Casey Warnock

Hey, I'm Casey Warnock, one of the article authors for Sunshine Music House!

If you've read my very first article, you also know me as the creator of the Sunshine Music House theme song!

Music is one of my biggest passions, and something I treasure both in performing and in listening! I'm a big fan of jazz music, sometimes even falling into a "jazz rhythm trap" of sorts when playing songs not normally intended for jazz themes. There's something about the freedom and improvisation of jazz which excites me and brings out the best of my creative flow!

Along with music, I also happen to have a great love for technology! At age 12 I built my own computer, and at age 17 I started web development. If you enjoy visiting this website, then I'll take the credit for designing and developing it! Lastly, I lead the refurbishing program here at Sunshine Music House.

Family is very valuable to me. For me, a great family brings a great sense of love and safety, not to mention the great food from whomever I visit! As you navigate the Sunshine Music House website, read articles, and watch videos, I hope that you can enjoy the content, and feel the love, care, and family of Sunshine Music House, and if you feel so inclined, please Donate to Sunshine Music House!

Thank you for reading!