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Frequently Asked Questions

03-01-2019 Author: Casey Warnock
Welcome, please use this page to find answers to frequently asked questions about the Sunshine Music House organization and thrift store!

Can I pay with a credit or debit card?
Yes, we accept credit and debit cards of any type, and also accept chip cards!

Can I pay with cash?
Yes, we accept cash transactions at our thrift store!

Can I pay with a check?
We do not accept checks.

Do you list items online?
We post items for sale on Craigslist and FaceBook Marketplace. You may purchase and pick up the items at the store.

Do you provide holds on items?
We do not provide holds on unpaid items.

Can I return items to your store?
No, at this time we do not accept returns or refunds.

What are your store hours?
We are open Friday 10:00AM to 5:00PM, Saturday 10:00AM to 5:00PM, and Sunday 1:00PM to 5:00PM.

What items can I donate?
We gladly accept all donation items except for pianos, mattresses, recliners and sofas.

When can I donate items?
You may donate items at 2349 Athens Highway Gainesville, GA at anytime. However, to receive a donation receipt, you must donate items during our open hours. If you do not require a receipt, we accept donations at any time and on any day via our self service donation station.

How can I help with your organization?
You can assist us with volunteer service hours, donate items to our thrift store, or provide a financial donation to our organization! You can learn more about ways you can help by visiting our Website Donations Page.

Where are you located?
Our thrift store and main organization is located at 2349 Athens Hwy, Gainesville, GA 30507

How can I contact you?
You can visit us in person at our location address, call us at 678-971-4615, email us at, or complete our Website Contact Form.

How does your organization help the community?
Our main community focus is providing music and technology to children in need, to learn more about our organization's outreach, please visit our Organization Outreach Page.

How can I receive assistance from your organization?
Please contact us so that we can provide you assistance!

Are you on social media?
Yes! You can view information about all of our social media profiles by visiting the footer of our website:

What are your prices for items at your thrift store?
Please visit our Thrift Store Pricing Sheet for an always up to date list of general item pricing information!

Do you offer pickup for donations?
Yes, we are available to pick up donations in Hall County. Please read about donation item pickup at our Item Donation Pickup Page.