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Sunshine Music House was founded on the basis of just two words: Music and Technology.

Our mission is to allow children to experience the joy of music hands-on, and to have technology at hand to further their educational learning.

By using donations and proceeds from our online thrift store and refurbishing department, we are able to provide children and families in need with computers to use at home, and musical instruments that they learn to play! We chose to focus on music and technology because we believe that technology is a key resource for learning, and that learning music and playing an instrument builds creative thinking, social connections and teamwork, and cultural understanding.

Our online thrift store and donation center provides us with both proceeds, and computers and instruments that are refurbished by our refurbishing department. Then, our refurbishing department both generates proceeds through sales, and also provides refurbished instruments and computers directly to families and children in need!

Proceeds and additional financial donations are used in multiple ways to further our mission. Some proceeds go towards running the thrift store and refurbishing department. Many of the proceeds go towards outreach such as: providing technology and musical instruments, hosting music appreciation events, visiting schools for promotions, scholarships, and using technology workshops and training courses.

We are always looking for new ways or suggestions to assist needy families or children, and always appreciate donations or volunteer work, so please Contact Us with suggestions or to volunteer, and donate below if you feel led.

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